About Us

Pantene Industrial Co., Ltd

Founded in 1983 and principal subsidiary of SNH Global Holdings Ltd, it is an established developer and manufacturer of high quality designed products and services to its OEM electronics and mechanical industrial partners. Its products range from core business of electronic power supplies, battery chargers , and coils/ solenoids to more recently LED and optical products such as LED lighting.

Shenzhen Pantai Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 1994 and principal subsidiary of Pantene Industrial Co.,Ltd, it is located in Guangming, Shenzhen. Pantai provides a strong and well established manufacturing base. A vertically integrated operation offers cost effective manufacturing services to customers in the power conversion, tool, commercial and consumer industries. The company has expertise in battery charger solution , power supply, coils/solenoids, LED lighting and others such as PCBA and parts assembly.

Dongguan Pantai Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Pantai Electronics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Pantene Industrial Co., Ltd., a Hong Kong-listed company. In 2022, the company relocated from Shenzhen to Dongguan. Pantai Electronics specializes in OEM manufacturing of switch type chargers/chargers, solenoid coils, and other electronic products, including plastic and hardware manufacturing processes. These products are widely used in various types of electrical equipment. The company is committed to providing high-quality OEM/ODM services while prioritizing environmental responsibility. With a strong focus on excellence, Pantai Electronics has established itself as a first-class  electronic manufacturer.